Saturday, 14 February 2009

Queuesumption: Queue-Bypassing Sadness

Have you ever walked in the door of a party or bop and saw a group of people that seem to be congregating?  Perhaps you've walked past them, down the stairs making a joke to your friends about how stupid all the people standing in line are.  They clearly just don't know where they are going-- you certainly know better.  As you round the final corner you finally see the problem.  After paying your cover charge and getting your stamp you still have to get rid of your pesky coat. 

All of those people that are standing anxiously in line were waiting to get rid of their coats so they can enjoy the rest of the party.  You being so awesomely cool got to bypass everyone.

Unfortunately now you have to go wait in line.  And 25 people have come in after you.  That guy you were hanging out with in the line outside.. is going to get to the party a half hour before you and score all the hot chicks.

That... is queuesumption.  Presuming that whatever the "sheeple" are queueing for can't possibly apply to you.

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